Rotary Rules - The D's

1. No drinking This one can be tough because many countries around the world allow drinking of wine and beer by teenagers.   In Washington, the legal limit is 21 and in BC, the legal age limit is 19.  Our Outbound students often get treated to alchol as part of the social customs of their Host Countries.  However, both Canada and the US allow drinking in a family setting, so a student would not be sent home for having a glass of wine with a family meal.  Going out clubbing and getting wasted is definitely a reason to be sent home immediately.  Safest approach is to avoid alcohol.
2. No drugs Illegal drugs.  Over the counter and prescription drugs are of course OK.  
3. No driving This includes cars, motorcycles, boats and almost any type of motorized vehicle.  However, chores are encouraged, so motorized lawnmowers are excepted from this rule.  
4. No dating Really means not getting into a serious relationship, going steady or having sex.  Group dating as a social event is encouraged.

We also have No Decorating (Tattos, etc.) and No Downloading (filling up the Host's computer)



2017-2018 EVENTS
Rebound Weekend
July 22-23, 2017  East Omak Elementary School, Omak WA.
2017-2018  Inbound Student and Youth Exchange Officer Training Weekend
Sept 9-10, 2017  Sandman Hotel, Penticton, BC
District Interviews
USA- Wenatchee WA.                       Nov 18, 2017
Canada North - Kamloops BC              Nov 18-19, 2017
Canada South - Kelowna BC                 Nov 18-19, 2017
Weekend in the Snow
Dec 8-10, 2017  Silver Star Resort, Vernon BC
Weekend in the Mountains
Feb 16-19, 2018  Revelstoke BC
Outbound Student Orientation 
April 7-8, 2018   Penticton, BC
District Conference 
May 17-19, 2018   Prosser, BC
Inbound Student  Bus Trip
May 19-27, 2018  District 5060
Rebound Weekend
 July 21-22, 2018    Omak, WA    
2018-2019 Inbound Student and Youth Exchange Officer Training Weekend
September 22-23rd,  2018  Penticton, BC  (tentative)
Youth Exchange Handbook