District 5060 is an International District, including central British Columbia, Canada and central Washington State, USA, a total distance of 558 miles, 893 kilometers.  Since 1970, the District has been active in International Youth Exchange.

Inbound students are generally received in August of the year, although Australian students arrive in January.  On a weekend in early to mid-September, a "District 5060 Inbound Orientation" in Penticton, B.C., is held and is mandatory for all Inbound students.  The registration cost for this orientation is paid for by the Inbound student’s hosting club.  This
weekend is critical for the successful completion of the inbounds exchange year.  It is their opportunity to meet their fellow students, meet the District Committee, and to receive an Orientation to our District.

During October and November, the students assist in Outbound student selections at Club and District levels.  It is an opportunity for students to make presentations about their countries.  The Outbound Student Orientation is held in April at Naramata, BC.  The Inbound students are
included in the presentations and have direct discussions with the parents of the Outbounds.  This is another opportunity for the Inbounds to meet together and to provide insights and advice to the Outbound candidates and their parents.

There are four additional trips during the exchange year.  In December, all the Inbound students travel to Vernon, British Columbia to experience a Winter Weekend, sponsored by the VernonKalamalka Club.  Activities include sledding, snowboarding, and downhill skiing.  This Vernon
weekend is not mandatory and registration costs (approx. $280US) are the Inbound student’s responsibility.  February again brings the students together for a Weekend in the Mountains, sponsored by the Revelstoke Rotary Club in British Columbia, Canada.  It is the first opportunity
for the Inbound students to meet the new arrivals from Australia(if any) and the newly selected Outbound students.  Activities include inner-tube snow tobogganing, swimming, and a student International Night.  Registration is paid for by each student’s  hosting club.

The last District function for the students is the District Conference followed by an optional bus tour held in May.  Students participate in many of the Conference activities and usually conclude the Conference with their own spirited presentation.  Immediately following the conference, a bus tour for Inbounds only takes the students for a one week trip through the district.  As they travel, the students are hosted by the local Rotary clubs who also provide activities such as dancing, river rafting, bicycling, water aquatics, etc.  The students are expected to cover the expenses of the bus, driver, etc., in 2009/10--$500 Can/US.

In all, the Inbound students attend five District weekend functions.  Three of these activities may include the selected Outbound students, and the opportunity to begin a friendship that will continue the next year in their home country and usually for a lifetime thereafter.

District 5060 is proud of its record of achievement in International Youth Exchange.  It is through the hardworking and sincere efforts of the District Committee and the Club Committees that the program is so successful.  Because these fine young people truly are improving World Peace and understanding, Rotary International and District 5060 continue to support this important program.


2018-2019 EVENTS
Rebound Weekend
July 21-22, 2018  East Omak Elementary School, Omak WA.
2018-2019  Inbound Student and Youth Exchange Officer Training Weekend
Sept 22-23, 2018  Sandman Hotel, Penticton, BC
District Interviews
USA- Wenatchee WA.                       Nov 17, 2018
Canada North - Kamloops BC              Nov 17-18, 2018
Canada South - Kelowna BC                 Nov 17-18, 2018
Silverstar Weekend in the Snow
Dec 7-9, 2018  Silver Star Resort, Vernon BC
Weekend in the Mountains
Feb 15-19, 2019  Revelstoke BC
Outbound Student Orientation 
March 30 - 31 2019; Penticton Lakeside Resort,  Penticton, BC
District Conference 
May 02-05, 2019   Kaml0ops, BC
Inbound Student  Bus Trip
May 05-12, 2019  District 5060
Rebound Weekend 
 July 21-22, 2019    Omak, WA    
2019 -2020 Inbound Student and Youth Exchange Officer Training Weekend
September 14 - 15,  2019  Penticton, BC  (tentative)
Youth Exchange Handbook